Theodore Covey

Freelance Writer for Ecommerce Storefronts


Heroic: Zero

My self-published science fiction novel.

WaresxWares Storefront

An ecommerce storefront focusing on apparel and more. Powered by Etsy.

Drunk on Bubble Tea

A blog about the country of Taiwan and general travel tips.

Former Japanese pop-culture eCommerce storefront.


Product Desc. #1

Product Desc. #2


Web Copy & More

I'm Theodore. I specialize in writing website copy, product descriptions, and blog posts.

So, what can I do for?

Working with businesses, big and small, I'll provide a myriad of services to bolster your brand. From expanding your reach, to customer acquisition. I'll also boost content retention and steer deserved traffic to your content.

With that said. Your business will stand out from the ocean of competitors.

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